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The following is a 3 Rune Spread on a relationship. The names have been changed for privacy, but the person who asked for the reading has been invited to comment. (Interested in a psychic rune reading? Click here for more info.)

“The issue is, John Doe’s relationship with Jane Doe.”

Present outlook: Truth obscured, possibly due to secrets being kept. Mixed signals from Jane regarding the status of the relationship. (Rune drawn: Ansuz, converse)

Challenge you must overcome: With eyes wide open, ask yourself (and answer honestly) whether this love is fulfilling. From my perspective, it doesn’t seem to be. Though no relationship is perfect, if you spend more time giving than receiving, more time loving than being loved, and more time feeling down than up, this is not the love for you. If there is an ounce of truth to what I’ve said here, you deserve much, much more. (Rune drawn: Fehu)

Best possible outcome if the challenge above is overcome: Awakening to what you truly want and need in a relationship, and coming to the realization that this relationship contains little of either. Your choices are to remain and continue feeling malnourished in love, or to claim your right to a mutually fulfilling, mutually loving, mutually respectful relationship and move on. Happiness and peace may be yours if you choose the latter. (Rune drawn: Hagalaz)

I hope this has helped you, John. Please let me know if I can clarify anything I’ve said above.




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GeboA sister in spirit got in touch with me yesterday and asked about the significance of the rune Gebo. She is searching for her next home, and saw this rune in two trees nearby while praying about the issue.

The traditional meaning of Gebo is “gift,” but runes are like layer cakes and their commonly understood meanings are just the icing. There’s a lot more going on under the surface.

Gebo teaches us about the balance that’s needed between giving and receiving to support well-being on all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual. We should expect to give if we want to receive, and should neither consistently give without receiving nor receive without giving. This applies to all things – material goods, mental/emotional/spiritual energy, etc.

In her book Northern Mysteries and Magick, Freya Aswynn says that “giving gifts was a serious matter” in the Northern tradition (33), and that it was dishonorable to give or receive without an exchange. This concept was (and still is) present in several cultures around the world. For example in many Native American tribes, it is still considered disrespectful to ask for a blessing from a spiritual leader or the Creator without first making a meaningful offering. In this way Gebo shows us that sacrifice is necessary to manifest the gifts we seek. (Let me point out however that the original meaning of sacrifice was to make sacred. Its associations with concepts like ritual killing and pious suffering are primarily due to the influence of Christian doctrine.)

So then, what must you make sacred to attract what you wish?

To my sister, I heard and saw these things as well when meditating on this rune’s meaning for you:

  • A cave, and a waterfall. Find a way to spend some time inside/near either or both, whether this means visiting an actual physical location or journeying there in ceremony or meditation.
  • I heard the word “neighbor.” Does a neighbor have a gift you’ve refused, or have you given them a gift without an exchange of energy? Could be past, present or future.
  • Gather scattered energies and focus them on your desired outcome. Be cautious of the balance between give and take – are you giving too much and expecting to little? Or, are you expecting too much and giving too little? This could pertain to legal matters or a contract, and/or the spiritual energy you’ve invested in reaching your goal.
  • I see bats. You taught me about bat medicine – do they have a message for you? Cougar is also present.

Love and kindness,


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A client contacted me with a request to give a reading on his relationship. No background information was given or solicited, except for the names of the two people involved. Here are the results:

Overview: Ehwaz, converse

EhwazThe relationship isn’t going well. There is disharmony and confusion about how to move forward – you’re unsure what to do at this point. Trust and loyalty are issues – big ones.





Fehu, reversedChallenge: Fehu, reverse

Differences when it comes to money – making it, saving it, and/or spending it – are present. Can these views & behaviors be reconciled? I’m not sure. These differences are part of the trust and loyalty issues mentioned above.




KenazAction: Kenaz

Radical renewal is called for. This renewal can take one of two forms – either a break up or an agreement to self-examine, sacrifice, and forgive past transgressions for the good of the relationship. Please understand that you can’t make her agree to self-examine, sacrifice, and forgive.

If your partner is unwilling to reconcile, there will be signs. Silence is one. If signs are apparent, you must accept responsibility for moving on in a timely manner, for your own good and for hers.

If reconciliation turns out to be an option, know that you each must identify and let go of ideas and behaviors that hurt the relationship in the past. Being honest with yourselves and each other is a crucial part of this process, as is forgiveness. It also involves remaining watchful for the occasional return of old, familiar, and unproductive patterns.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. I sincerely hope this helps you move toward more peace and joy…if not in the present, at least in the near future.



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The issue is, “Which spiritual path would be most beneficial for T.M. to follow?”

The overview of your situation: Raido, converse.

As I was pulling this rune, an insight came through quite clear. I felt distraction and uncertainty stemming from all the possible spiritual paths you see in front of you – a tug of war between your mind and heart regarding what you “should” do. Know that “shoulds” do not come from your higher self – they come from the personality. You will know your highest path because it will be joyful, and void of feelings of obligation. Be cautious of guilt.
The challenge you’re facing/the roadblock to overcome: Wunjo, converse

This rune’s message is elegant in its simplicity: your challenge is simply discovering your joy. Where does it reside in relation to your spirituality? What makes you feel enlivened, connected, and whole? What fills you with hope and brings you peace? Answer these questions and you will recognize your spiritual path.
The action you’re being prompted to take: Laguz, converse

It is time to alter your rhythm of life. A new cycle lay just beneath your spiritual waters. You may feel as though you’ve been out of step, “missing the beat.” This is so simply to alert you that a new rhythm is waiting to be discovered. What is the beat you march to? You already know it’s not what is used to be. Ask for guidance and listen. It will come.

Love and Light,


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“The issue is, P.A.’s marriage and true love.”

The overview of your question/issue: Berkanan, converse (a.k.a. Berkana)

Stagnation to the point of suffocation – lack of growth, lack of joy – stasis. You are like a beautiful seedling, desperately trying to reach the sun, the water, and the air – all of  which are obscured by the piles upon piles of dead limbs heaped on top of you. You will not grow if you allow this situation to continue.
The challenge you currently face, or the roadblock to your happiness: Mannaz, reversed

Your heart center (4th chakra) is hollow. It is hollow because you give so much of yourself away, and reserve nothing for yourself. What’s more, what you give away is not appreciated. Spend more time thinking about your requirements for happiness instead of another’s.
The action your higher self is prompting you to take: Gebo, converse

Recognize what is limiting you and free yourself from it. Take advantage of an unexpected gift or opportunity – it is one of many ways out of the place you find yourself now. You already know this relationship is not what you would like it to be – ask yourself if you can still grow while within it, or if it is time to release it and move on. Do not be afraid that you will not be able to create better – you definitely can if you believe in the goodness and beauty in both yourself and the Universe.

Love and Light,


Response from client:

Dear Jerome,
Thanks so much for taking the time and giving me this reading.  Yes, the runes have very clearly indicated what I’m going through right now and reflects my feelings.

Re Gebo converse, cannot figure out how I’ll be able to get out of this relationship.  What the future holds, how will I sustain myself – it all seems very scary.
Thanks so much once again.


My reply:

I can see why the future seems scary. Not knowing how to go about making a change one knows must be made can be unsettling at best, and debilitating at worst.
In the reading I saw travel related to the Gebo rune – travel in the sense of going to stay with someone temporarily, as a first step. This is the “unexpected opportunity” alluded to above.
You have the strength to come out of this dark time. You are dearly loved, and are not alone.

Find a quiet space, take several deep, cleansing breaths, relax, and quiet your mind. Try holding this position for just a few minutes at first if that’s all you can manage, and practice progressively holding it for longer. In this place of peace and safety, ask the Universal Source of Love for guidance on what step to take to begin the process of leaving this relationship behind. If you don’t receive this guidance right away, don’t give up! Keep setting aside time every day to ask for guidance and to listen for it to come – eventually the whisper of what to do next will be heard, I promise.
One final thing – be like the wind. As you prepare to leave, do so silently. When you do leave, do so quickly and as invisibly as you can. Ask for guidance and protection from the Source of Love – you will get it.
I hope this has helped.


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What is most important for me to know about my life right now?

The overview of your life right now: Ehwaz, reversed

You are in a place of stagnation, of lack of forward movement. I see you looking for a path to follow and seeing several, but being hesitant to choose one.


 Your current challenge: Gebo, converse

You have many gifts – the strength of the Warrior and the power to deflect people and situations that don’t serve you are among these. These are either currently unrecognized, or are recognized and are not being used by choice.


Action you’re being directed to take: Ihwaz

This rune offers reassurance that this time of transition won’t last forever. Persevere, get clear about what and who you want and do not want in your life, and use your gifts to create those outcomes. I see you taking walks at night, in a secluded area? If this is not something you currently do, it may be a good way for you to relax and get out of your head. I also feel a draw toward what some would call the “dark arts?” If this is the case, this rune simultaneously cautions you against that path while reassuring you that you can protect yourself provided you don’t get in over your head.

Love and Light,


What is this, and how can I participate?

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What is the Wisdom of the Runes concerning the space that I am now [in] spiritually?

As I asked my guides and yours this question, these are the runes I drew and the information I received:

Overview: Isa, converse

You are in a place of discovery. In some ways your spiritual journey is just beginning, though you are not what some would call a “novice.” I see you being drawn to spiritual systems that may not completely resonate with you, but that you choose to pursue because the information is readily available and/or because it is what those around you are pursuing. Isa, converse brings a caution against ignoring what your gut tells you about the threshold of spiritual awakening you’re approaching. Don’t rush into a way of thinking or being simply because you feel you should. To do so will not be beneficial and will turn you away from where your spiritual strengths dwell.

Isa is also linked to ice, and hence to the element of water – which I feel is very pronounced in you. Water is the element of healing and deep transformation. Within this energy lies your true identity and what you have come into this life to do for others and for the planet. I see a gift with therapeutic touch and/or energy work of some kind. I also see the butterfly, another symbol linked with transformation.

Challenge: Ingwaz, converse

The challenge Ingwaz, converse reveals is the difficulty you’re having finding that space within where you feel at peace spiritually. Your spiritual growth and wellness is very important to you – do not settle for less than you truly desire. The counsel offered by this rune is simply to persevere. Also consider that nothing external can give you the peace you seek – it must be found within before it can be experienced without.

Action: Eihwaz

Rune of Defense

This rune signals the spiritual transition you’re currently steeped in. This rune is very beneficial – it speaks to your ability to avert danger and achieve your goal, if you persevere. Persevering means accepting the change you’re undergoing rather than resisting it, and trusting that all you’re encountering right now is designed to move you toward your highest good and most joyous potential. Not an easy task, but one you have the power to accomplish if you choose to.

Beyond these things, I saw something else I’d like to share. I saw the spirit of a child in your aura, and it feels like a child that you have not yet given birth to. This child appears as a green spark to me – and I feel an almost overwhelming sense of joy.

Love and Light,


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