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The Wise have long known the power of words to shape reality. In late summer 2009, I posted a simple candle ritual which I’ve recently revised and started using again. Both are simple, beautiful, and (for me) evoke strong emotion – I just felt the words could be shifted to enhance the affirmation’s power.

What it was:

May I be like this candle – a gentle and unwavering light in the world, radiating warmth and illuminating truth.

What it has become:

Like the flame upon this candle, may the unwavering light of my soul radiate warmth, illuminate truth, and shine through all levels of my being.

And so it is.

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In The Birth of the Warrior Part I, I shared an affirmation that served as the foundation for a powerful healing ritual I recently performed. In today’s post I’d like to discuss the shadow the Warrior cannot exist without, the Victim.

The Victim is that part of me that values safety above all else. It doesn’t matter what must be sacrificed to maintain this safety – fulfilling relationships, financial prosperity, personal growth, joy, health – none of these are more important than avoiding pain. He believes in status quo, in not rocking the boat, and in keeping everyone else happy – even if doing so means he’s miserable. He values everyone’s opinion except his own, believes the world is unfriendly, and is convinced daydreams are a waste of time. He believes if you cower in a corner and try not to be noticed, you’re less likely to be ridiculed.

As if the experiences at the root of these feelings weren’t unpleasant enough, we’re also conditioned to feel bad about feeling them! Society tells us the Victim is wrong. We’re told to buck up, toe the line, make no excuses, and deal with life – period. This is particularly true for men. What are sons told when they come crying to their fathers because they’ve skinned their knees? “Big boys don’t cry.” What does this really teach little boys? That it’s not okay to be weak. If you can stand to watch the evening news, look for any of the numerous examples of the damage this causes – domestic violence, chemical dependency, war – it all tracks back.

After years of trying to defeat the Victim within by making him wrong, I’ve finally realized that the only way I can leave him behind is to love him. I’ve started thanking him for keeping me safe during my childhood, and reassuring him that the people who hurt me then can’t hurt me now. I’ve started telling him, gently but firmly, that his part in my growth is done – that it’s time for him to leave so the Warrior can arrive.

With gratitude and compassion I dismiss the Victim. Let the Warrior now be born!

So now I know where I’ve been – but do I know where I’m going? In Part 3 I’ll share who the Warrior is to me.

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I thank the Victim for showing me the path to the Warrior. With gratitude and compassion I now dismiss the Victim, and bid him farewell for the rest of this lifetime and beyond. Let the Warrior now be born!

Yesterday I did a spontaneous ritual centered on this affirmation. It comes from what I’ve named “The Contract with my Selves,” a list of 13 affirmations I’ve created to aid me in moving into the position of the Warrior and away from the position of the Victim.

Without conscious intent, this affirmation fell onto the page as item number 3, which numerologically is associated with birth energy – the result of the union between numbers 1 and 2. It’s neat that it came in this order, given its emphasis on the “Birth of the Warrior.” If we quiet our minds, still our bodies and ask for guidance, it really does come.

This ritual was very positive and powerfully transformative. I’m looking forward to sharing it in detail.

In tomorrow’s post, Part 2 of 4, I’ll give some background regarding my experience with the Victim and share the key role s/he plays in our spiritual and emotional growth. Wednesday I’ll discuss the role of the Warrior in Part 3, and on Thursday in Part 4 I’ll post the complete details of the ritual for any who’d like to work it on their own.

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