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Thank you for abundant truth

Thank you for everlasting love

Thank you for radiant, vibrant health

Thank you for freedom from fear

Thank you for abundant earthly resources

Thank you for physical and spiritual endurance

Thank you for allowing me to see the future through the newness of each day

Thank you for joyous, compassionate unity with all the creatures of our Earth Mother

Thank you for the abundant life that is mine

Oh Great Mystery, maker of all things, thank you for aligning me with you

Adapted from the prayer of gratitude by Grams Twylah Nitsch in the book Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua by Maria Yraceburu

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I came across an interesting post over at Antiquarian’s Attic today about the author’s recent trip to a museum in Göteborg, Sweden and the 1,000+ year old Äskekärr ship currently on display there.

Fehu, a rune that literally translates to livestock (but at a deeper level really means “earthly nourishment”) was found etched into one of the ship’s strakes. It’s not surprising, as the Vikings apparently used these type of ships (also called knarrs) to transport large amounts of food and goods (which certainly could’ve included livestock).

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