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WunjoToday’s rune is Wunjo. It’s commonly known as “joy,” but its meaning runs deeper than simple happiness on a personality level.

In his book Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic, Edred Thorsson offers the simplest, most concise, and yet most profound explanation of this rune’s meaning I’ve ever seen:

When all members of the clan are harmoniously working together, while integrated into their environment in a syncretic manner, a true state of holiness exists. (34)

In this context syncretic means growing together by setting aside differences and working toward a common goal. It seems the Germanic tribes, with whom the Runes originated, knew the value of syncretism and what would happen without it. In the words of American writer, historian, and philosopher Will Durant,

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

What was true for the tribes of the Migration Period is still true today, though in a broader context. If petty differences are set aside and all find and use their gifts for the greater good, the global tribe will continue to evolve. One way to experience the essence of Wunjo, the “true state of holiness” Thorsson spoke of, is to do anything that shifts our focus from our own wants and needs to those of others.

I look at this rune today and ask myself, “What is my role in the tribe?” As I commit to finding and living that role, I experience the joy of Wunjo.

Edit on 3/15/11: I came across this quote and thought it was appropriate:

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.

–Eleanor Roosevelt


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Happy Ostara!

The vernal equinox is a time when rebirth and renewal are celebrated in many religious and spiritual traditions. For me it’s a happy time that marks the end of winter’s darkness and beginning of longer days and nicer weather. In years past it was a time when the earth was tilled, seeds were planted, and hopes of an abundant harvest filled the minds of many.

Here’s a simple and enjoyable ritual you can use to connect with the earth and use the power of the runes to help you manifest what you desire.

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Handful of beans OR a Chia Pet (or similar product).
  2. If using beans, you’ll also need a medium sized pot filled 2/3 full with soil and some plastic wrap.

After gathering these, decide what rune’s energy you’d like to manifest more of in your life. A few suggestions are given below, along with links to more.


Fehu, rune of nourishment and wealth

Who couldn’t use more prosperity? Use Fehu to manifest money.

Remember that showing gratitude for what you’ve already been given naturally attracts more…

















Inguz, the Rune of FertilityAre you ready for a relationship that’s mutually beneficial in all ways? One in which you love passionately and are passionately loved in return? One in which you teach and are taught, give joy and receive it, nurture and are nurtured? Plant Ingwaz!

When using this rune for love magick, allow the Universe to bring you the best and highest relationship possible by focusing on the qualities you desire in a mate rather than on a specific person. The latter interferes with that person’s free will – something that is not only unethical, but also won’t bring you what you truly desire.



Personal Power


Are you depressed, sad, or angry more frequently than you’re happy and at peace? Use Perth to help you remember that you have the right and the power to choose how you feel, regardless of your circumstances.








Algiz, rune of protection and refuge

Are you feeling drained by others? Is every inch you’re giving being taken a mile? Use Algiz to help you create healthy boundaries. This rune’s energy can also be used to make and keep your home a peaceful refuge.

More rune meanings can be found here and here.

Once you have your magickal goal in mind, strengthen your intent by doing any of #1-#3, plus #4:

  1. Imagine how you’ll feel when you have more of the desired energy in your life. Feel how empowered and peaceful you are. Make this real for yourself! Our imaginations are an in-road to our Higher Selves, and ultimately to the Divine.
  2. Visualize yourself moving through your life with more of the desired quality. What does that look like for you? (Remember – do not attach yourself to specifics. Focus on the essence, and allow the Universe to bring you the form. Doing this will help the Universe bring you what you desire in the quickest and most efficient way.)
  3. Focus on the image of the rune you’ll plant, either in your mind or with your eyes. Hold it in your mind or look at it for as long as you can, feeding the emotions and/or images from #1 and #2 into it.
  4. Hold your beans or Chia seeds in your hands. Take a deep breath, feeling and/or seeing bright white loving light entering your lungs. Exhale this breath onto your seeds, and feel your magickal goal infuse them.

With your goal still firmly in mind, prepare your pot of soil or Chia product.

If using a pot of soil, smooth the surface and use your finger to make small holes no deeper than your first knuckle, one for each bean. As you plant your beans, think about/visualize/feel what concrete, real-world things you’ll do going forward to help manifest what you desire. Simply planting the beans is not enough! You must meet the Universe half way. When finished, water the soil and place plastic wrap over the top. Store your pot in a warm place, like on top of the refrigerator (the heat will help them sprout). Check your pot regularly – if the soil dries out, be sure to water it. When the beans sprout, you can move them to another location in your home or plant them in your garden (if it’s warm enough where you are). Every time you see or water your rune, remember your goal and see/feel it manifesting as the plants grow.

If using the Chia, prepare the seeds as instructed. But instead of spreading them over the entire surface of the terra cotta, spread them in the shape of your rune. You may find it helpful to arrange the Chia seeds in longer lines about the width of your finger. Echoing what I said above, as you spread the seeds think about/visualize/feel what concrete, real-world things you’ll do going forward to help manifest what you desire. Simply planting the seeds is not enough! You must meet the Universe half way. Every time you see or water your rune, remember your goal and see/feel it manifesting as the Chia grows.

If your seeds don’t sprout, you may need to rethink your goal. Are you too attached to the exact form of your manifestation? If careful thought and reflection reveals this to be true, try again – and let the Universe fill in the details. 🙂


This post was inspired by and adapted from this one.

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