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Today I learned that an acquaintance of several years recently took her own life. Intuitively I always knew she wasn’t happy, and watched as she looked externally and unsuccessfully for fulfillment and purpose. My heart aches for both the sadness that led to her choice as well as for the grieving family she leaves behind. Sensing that she has not yet moved beyond the veil, I lit a candle and placed it in the window when I got home this evening.

Dear sister,

May the eternal and unwavering light of your soul ascend to the highest levels of peace and love.

Go now, and leave this sadness and turmoil behind. You are free.

In accordance with your free will, So Mote It Be.

–From my Book of Shadows

Beloved one, you are dead, but you are not alone.

We are here with you, the beloved dead await you.

You go from love into love. Carry with you only love.

May our love carry you and open the way.

–From Ulla Mentzel

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Thank you for abundant truth

Thank you for everlasting love

Thank you for radiant, vibrant health

Thank you for freedom from fear

Thank you for abundant earthly resources

Thank you for physical and spiritual endurance

Thank you for allowing me to see the future through the newness of each day

Thank you for joyous, compassionate unity with all the creatures of our Earth Mother

Thank you for the abundant life that is mine

Oh Great Mystery, maker of all things, thank you for aligning me with you

Adapted from the prayer of gratitude by Grams Twylah Nitsch in the book Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua by Maria Yraceburu

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The Wise have long known the power of words to shape reality. In late summer 2009, I posted a simple candle ritual which I’ve recently revised and started using again. Both are simple, beautiful, and (for me) evoke strong emotion – I just felt the words could be shifted to enhance the affirmation’s power.

What it was:

May I be like this candle – a gentle and unwavering light in the world, radiating warmth and illuminating truth.

What it has become:

Like the flame upon this candle, may the unwavering light of my soul radiate warmth, illuminate truth, and shine through all levels of my being.

And so it is.

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Another day fades to dusk

As stars begin to spin above

Their light doesn’t reach the darkness at my feet

The road ahead is dark and formless

Hecate stands at the Crossroads, veiled in black 

She sees me as I approach, and knows the fear in my heart

She says nothing as I pass, but I feel her eyes on me

I’m reminded that nothing in this realm endures,

And am surprised to feel a sense of surrender and peace.

I’m in a time of transition. I feel something wonderful is coming, but it hasn’t yet taken shape. I’ve never been very good at waiting…

Lately my time has been monopolized by work and school. I’m feeling a little out of breath, so to speak – and definitely at a standstill creatively (hence my absence from here).

I’m definitely ready for positive, empowering change. I’m ready to live in the peaceful pro-active instead of the chaotic reactive. Are my expectations too high? Is the drama of daily life something no one can really escape from? If so, how are we ever to find true happiness and lasting peace? If not, why haven’t I achieved it yet?

Beings of Love and Light – please help me help myself live my passion, create my joy, and BE WHO I TRULY AM.

Please help me help myself look on myself and others with compassion. Please help me have patience with my process, and not compare myself to others. Please help me remember that I am a beautiful, expansive being of light, here to serve a special and unique purpose. Please help me be forgiving of myself when I forget this. Please help me be forgiving of others when they forget their beauty and power as well.

For the Highest Good of All, So Mote It Be.


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