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I’ve added a page titled Book List to serve as a repository for books about alternative spiritualities, indigenous traditions, and phytology/herbalism that I’ve read and reviewed. (Click here to view or use the navigation tabs at the top.) I’ll add more as I read new titles and continue to review books I’ve read in the past.

Have you come across any books on these subjects that you’ve really enjoyed? If so please share them by leaving a comment below!

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Thank you for abundant truth

Thank you for everlasting love

Thank you for radiant, vibrant health

Thank you for freedom from fear

Thank you for abundant earthly resources

Thank you for physical and spiritual endurance

Thank you for allowing me to see the future through the newness of each day

Thank you for joyous, compassionate unity with all the creatures of our Earth Mother

Thank you for the abundant life that is mine

Oh Great Mystery, maker of all things, thank you for aligning me with you

Adapted from the prayer of gratitude by Grams Twylah Nitsch in the book Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua by Maria Yraceburu

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The Wise have long known the power of words to shape reality. In late summer 2009, I posted a simple candle ritual which I’ve recently revised and started using again. Both are simple, beautiful, and (for me) evoke strong emotion – I just felt the words could be shifted to enhance the affirmation’s power.

What it was:

May I be like this candle – a gentle and unwavering light in the world, radiating warmth and illuminating truth.

What it has become:

Like the flame upon this candle, may the unwavering light of my soul radiate warmth, illuminate truth, and shine through all levels of my being.

And so it is.

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I came across a fantastic post this morning entitled The Symbolic Meaning of Trees. In it the author compared and contrasted the symbolic meaning of trees in different cultures and spiritual systems. The following passage resonated most with me:

It also notes that the fruit, shade, and protective nature of trees have caused them to be seen as feminine or maternal symbols; yet, at the same time, the erect trunk is a phallic symbol. Perhaps this is why, for Carl Jung, the tree symbolized the Self, androgyny (integration and equality between the masculine and feminine principles), and individuation.

Androgyny – the integration and equalization of masculine and feminine energies. Many (including myself) attribute this quality to angels and other high beings, and believe that this balance of energies takes place once we are no longer bound to our physical forms. This integration is also something I strive for while in physical form.

There is a beautiful maple tree in my mother’s yard. I used to sit under it on warm, clear summer nights and look at the moon. Its trunk at my back was very grounding, and brought feelings of safety and wholeness. I would often speak with it, asking it where I should go and what I should do once I left home. Its responses were always soft and simple, and invariably it urged me to step outside of my comfort zone and travel far, which I eventually did. I told it how much I’d miss our visits and it replied, “Like my leaves in the autumn, I let you go…”

Courage and how to let go are just a few of the lessons I learned from this wise one. Trees truly are remarkable beings.

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The new pink Ouija board by HasbroTwo years ago the Hasbro Company released a pink version of the classic Ouija board, presumably to revitalize Ouija’s appeal and help it remain a slumber party mainstay. A recent story by Fox News seems to have catapulted this “pink portal to the other side” to the forefront of Christian and non-Christian consciousness alike.

The buzz seems to mostly consist of Christians condemning the product as a “dangerous spiritual game” and non-Christians responding with snark (some of which is pretty entertaining – see the “reviews” link below).

Some snippets of product reviews I found at amazon.com, followed by my take on it all:

I guess it’s an indictment of the level of science education in the U.S.A. Ouija board simply works on kids pushing the marker to the letters. –reviewer Joseph P. Klein
There is inherent in using the board the possibility of demonic contact and influence, since dead people cannot be contacted. The effects are real when it “works.” –reviewer Former Astrologer
Deuteronomy 18:10 states ‘There shall not be found among you anyone who…CALLS UP THE DEAD. For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord.’ –reviewer common sense
Based on personal experience, the first two reviews contain little bits of truth (though overall they miss the mark). Here are my thoughts on Ouija:
Q: Who (or what) moves the Ouija board’s marker?
A: Kids trying to either scare or impress their friends.
A: A discarnate spirit on the astral plane. This could be someone who’s recently passed and has not yet progressed to the higher planes of existence, but is more likely an unevolved spiritual entity. Some may dub these beings “demons,” but it’s important to understand that the Abrahamic Religions have perverted the meaning of this word, which simply meant “unclean spirit” originally. However this is precisely why Ouija can be dangerous – in using it, those without the required knowledge or respect essentially make a “phone call” to a room full of strangers, any of whom could “pick up” and some of whom may have malicious intent.
Q: If I had a child, would I let them play with a Ouija board?
A: Generally speaking, no. Though the board itself does not cause harm, the fear surrounding its use might. This fear, now embedded in our society’s consciousness, is exactly what attracts the unevolved spiritual entities I described above (and keeps them around).
Q: What qualifies me to these questions, and why do I disagree with the reviews quoted above?
A: Personal experience. On several occasions friends and family members have spontaneously visited me after passing, often with messages for me or for me to relay to others. Contacting (or being contacted by) those who’ve passed is indeed possible, and I feel strongly that ruling this out simply because one hasn’t experienced it (or worse, judging someone without “walking a mile in their shoes“) is spiritually and emotionally immature. The universe is bigger than any of us can comprehend, and there is plenty that can’t be explained by either religious doctrine or empirical evidence.
I find it ironic that zealots on each side of any religion vs. science debate seem to share the same weakness – the conviction that everything in the universe can be neatly categorized as religion or science, belief or fact, black or white, good or evil. Though it might seem desirable to live in a world where everything is so cut and dry, it would rob us of the opportunity to experience the freedom that humility brings – that quality we embody when we admit there are more questions than answers.

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Merry Imbolc all! May the flame upon your candle burn unwavering as light returns to the world.

As I begin to emerge from the dark womb of winter, I realize my rest was fitful and filled with dreams borne of the unresolved anger I harbor for organized religion and those who seek to harm others with it. The writings of a wise and gentle friend have helped me see this clearly, and for that I’m grateful. Though I’ve allowed this anger to keep me from writing much lately, (and to color what little I’ve done), I’ve resolved to put this hurt to rest in this time of new beginnings.

Perhaps you too have a similar burden, one that has prevented you from living the life of joy you’ve always known was your destiny? If this rings true, join with me in replacing the cloak of the victim with that of the compassionate warrior.

It strikes me that, now more than ever, self-responsibility and compassion are the currencies that will buy our collective future. Here’s to hope and new beginnings!

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I’ve taken to reciting the following each day before beginning my morning meditation, as I light a candle on my altar. I’ve found it quite moving and profound, in spite of its simplicity:

May I be like this candle – a gentle and unwavering light in the world, radiating warmth and illuminating truth.

And So It Is.


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